Middle school, Camping with my best friend, and A regular show halloween

Hi out there!

REGULAR SHOW HALLOWEEN:Most of you probably don’t watch Regular Show but WOW! The new Halloween special is so cool! TERROR TALES OF THE PARK!!!!!! I love regular show! It’s so funny!

MIDDLE SCHOOL: As most of you know I go to Middle School now. I have 6 classes. Science, Reading, Writing, Gym, Math, and Computer. So far I only have 1 after school  activity. It is Manga Club. In my computer class I am at 100% for every thing and I’m ahead. So there’s nothing left for me to do. I can read though so that’s fun. My mom is really proud of me and I’m really proud too. Maybe I’ll do something with computers when I grow up. It seems I’m good with them!

CAMPING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: My best friend’s name is Gracie. Sure i have other best friends but me and her are pretty close. We had to hike to our camp site which was TIRING! Gracie found a catipllier on the hike and still has it now! Once we were there Gracie’s mom, Kelly, and her friend, Bob, set up camp and Gracie and I went exploring. We played WARRIORS by the rushing river but we got bored so we went into the forest and played WARRIORS. After that we had dinner, told scary stories, then went to bed. I was out like a light! The soothing sounds of the river changing its course and going in the opposite direction was like a lullaby to me. Once we woke up Gracie and I went a played WARRIORS some more. Then we had breakfast and played and the grown-ups packed. Then we hiked back. My favorite part of the hike was a giant tree that had fallen over the river so we had to walk across it above the river like a bridge! It was so scary but wicked cool at the same time!

Well that’s about it! BYE BYE!


Idaho, rock camp, and more

I went to Idaho last weekend. It was cool! I saw a shooting star on my way back, i got a bird caller, and i played with a lava lamp. For all the warriors fans out there i found coltfoot, comfrey, and water mint while i was there too! So cool! I also went to Rain City Rock Camp this summer too! I played drums, was in a band, and played a song with my band at Nemos! Cool right! Our band name was Mini-Verse. I came up with the name. Our song name was Unsecret Club. I also was a voluntear helper at my curch. I worked in the craft room for a little bit then moved to the Panda room where little kids are. I also helped in the kitchen. So i had loads of fun. Well thats about it. Intil next time!



Animal Jam

i was playing games on my computer when i say an add about animal jam. it might just be my favorite site to learn and play. it is so much fun and you can learn through movies and little bubbles. there is even quizzes! animaljam.com rocks!

Locked Out

Today mom,Jo,Payton,jax(our dog) ,and me went for a walk around the lake. when we got back we were locked out of our own house! talk about bad luck! but we got inside so yipee!


I did so much during the summer already. I saw the seattle fireworks show, went to the zoo, and still have so much to do. As well as that I got a free LEGEND OF ZELDA game for my phone. So cool! I had so much fun so far and I still have Vacation Bible Shool and Rock City Music Camp!